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LenderTech is a solution for mortgage companies, commercial lending, credit unions, municipalities, private and institutional lenders, auto loan servicing, student loans, real estate loans, and much more. Our Online Loan Management System allows for better evaluating borrowers, decision making support and online-lending process automation. It has been specifically designed to simplify the task of the entire lending lifecycle including borrower management: from loan origination to debt collection. It also services mortgages, simple interest, revolving credit, bi-weekly and other methods of interest calculation. Easy to use, affordable and professional loan servicing software.

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Our Features

Friendly User

Very low learning curve, you'll be in business in minutes.

Manage different
kinds of Loans

Create custom configurable Loan types for different types of Borrowers.


Store KYC/AML documents and build risk assessment profiles for Borrowers.

Manage and Receive

Notify Borrowers of upcoming payments and overdue payments. Borrowers can pay online using your favorite payment processor.

Manage Employees Access
Level and Information

When your business grows, LenderTech grows with you. Easily add new employees with permission control.


LenderTech keeps track of all your finances both inbound and outbound. Clear and easy to understand reporting.

Multi Currency

Whever your Company operates, LenderTech is ready in your currency.


Build custom Email templates keeps your Company consistent.

Email Messaging

Integrated email support system, view all your inbound and outbound communication with Borrowers.

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