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About Us

We're Subscribe Technologies Inc. We develop, manage and maintain Software-as-a-Service applications for the business community. Subscribe Technologies is a public company trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the symbol SAAS.

What is LenderTech

LenderTech is a platform designed to service the growth within the international FinTech microfinance sector by offering an easy to use cloud based loan management system that keeps track of borrowers, loan approvals, payments and missed payments, accrued interest, human resources and dozens of other features.

Our Vision

Our goal is to service banks, financial institutions, mortgage lending facilitators and more specifically; the micro-finance lenders.

Our Approach

We listen to our customers, we're nible and able to provide custom features and tweak our software to improve the user experience.

Our Objective

By delivering an easy to use powerful application for an affordable price, we believe our platform will compete and out perform legacy software being used in today's lending application market.

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